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July 19, 1958 - June 11, 2017


Successful business sales through honesty, integrity, and experience.

There are advantages of being represented by an experienced broker.

A good business broker can get deals closed, circumventing many of the problems that arise through a business sale.   Professional representation is a major asset throughout all business transactions without this advantage many sales could fall apart and could cost a purchaser and seller more in legal costs.   I have seen many sellers receive too little money for the sale of their business without proper representation.   I have also seen many buyers overpay for companies never being able to recapture their investment when it comes time to sell.   A business sale takes a sense of trust and integrity between all the parties involved.   A good business broker will be a major asset to all parties involved.


Licensed by the Real Estate Council of Alberta Since 1980

Licensed with United Business Brokers Inc. Since 1980

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Courses Completed

1  Real-Estate Update 2016

2  Real-Estate Update 2014

3  Real-Estate Update 2011-2012

4  Real-Estate Update 2009-2010

5  Ethical Dilemmas in Real Estate

6  Ethical Practice in Real Estate

7  Understanding Agency

8  Finance Made Easy for Entrepreneurs

9  Synchronized Selling

10  Risk Reduction and Mortgage Fraud Awareness

11  Environmental Issues

12  Legislative Update: Changes to Rules

13  Codes of Professional Ethics

14  Environmental Awareness

15  Self-Regulation and the Real Estate Act

16  Reducing Risk in Residential & Condominium Real Estate

17  Professional Marketing

18  Professional Responsibility

19  Marketing to the Mature Client

20  Advertising, Marketing and the Internet

21  Tax Tips for Selling Real Estate

22  Effective Mediation in Real Estate

23  Understanding Designated Agency and Transaction Brokerage

24  Agency Fundamentals